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Privacy-focused web analytics platform for

Get valuable insights about your website visitors without compromising their privacy.

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Insight Tables

Tables that show you just what is important about your website

Feature 1
Feature 1

Visualize Your data

Get a clear picture of your website visitors with our beautiful graphs

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Feature 1

Beyond the basics

Loglib is beyond a basic analytics tool, it's a powerful tool that can help you understand your users and your product better.

Get insights into your users, their devices, and their locations.

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Repurpose Your Data

One of the reasons loglib was created was because we couldn't find a decent option that allowed us to repurpose the data they collected at the time. So we developed an embeddable one where you can grab your own data from your database, but if you use the hosted version, either self-deployed or on loglib.io, you lose that ability, so we made sure you can access it through api just like it's in your database.

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