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Re-imagining Loglib

Re-imagining Loglib
  • We are thrilled to announce a major transformation for loglib. We have decided to shift our focus from being "npm-package based" web analytics to creating the finest web analytics out there. In a forthcoming blog post, we will let you know on the reasons behind this decision. Through our investigation and the npm downloads stats almost no one have been using the packages version If you have been an active user of the npm packages version and we were unaware, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please reach out to us at support@loglib.io, If you need any help from us. While we will no longer support the npm packages version of loglib, we are committed to making self deployment process of loglib incredibly simple stay tuned for that.

  • Loglib is way faster now: We have achieved remarkable performance improvements in loglib. By migrating our analytics database from MySQL to ClickHouse, loglib is now blazing fast and more responsive than ever before.

  • Public pages: Share your dashboard with the world! We've introduced a new feature that allows you to make your dashboard public. Just click the settings icon on your website card and toggle the public visibility setting.

  • The graph is a filter: Analyzing data has never been more convenient. Now, you can click on any line in the graph to filter the data by that specific time period. This new feature enables you to gain deeper insights effortlessly.

  • Friday Changelogs: Stay up-to-date with our progress! Starting from now, we will be sharing weekly changelogs every Friday, giving you insights into the latest enhancements and updates in loglib. Btw if you haven't joined our community yet we are on discord and telegram.

  • last but not least: You now see X CORP twitter image