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Tracker And Minor UI Changes

Tracker And Minor UI Changes

We don't have major updates for this week. We're currently working on some exciting projects that we'll be releasing in the next weeks, but in the meantime:

  • The tracker received a revision:
    1. Loglib domain is now used by default, therefore specifying a host is no longer necessary.
    2. Data is sent just once each page only, as opposed to atleast three in the old sdk.
    3. In order to use the new api, the CDN was also upgraded.
    4. In order to add proxy support to your nextjs or astro project, look into this for additional information.

NB: We strongly advise upgrading to the new version. We will continue to support the old SDK, although it might not be for very long.

  • Retaining Users are added to the collection of analytics.
  • made a few minor UI adjustments.
  • Keep checking back as more exciting significant features are in the works.